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What fast food places are open on thanksgiving?

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Category: Dining Out

I’m a veggeterian and am staying home alone well my mom her bf my little sister and brother go to my moms bf parents house. What are some fast food restaraunts open today? I do eat at burger king wendys etc… I just get veggeterian items instead of meat items.

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Burger King might be, and I know they have a veggie burger.

I just came back from Jack in the Box, and they were open too.

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asked 392 days 2 hours 7 mins ago
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    In my area, there is a McDonald’s open and a Chicken place.

    answered 392 days 1 hour 46 mins ago
    Anon e Mouse
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    I know that where I am, McDonald’s, Burger King, and Wendy’s are open. There may be others, but those are the only ones that I know of.

    answered 392 days 47 mins ago
    Tony M
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    all fast food restaurants are open today, but they do close early

    answered 392 days 46 mins ago
    mexican leona
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    in MN Mcdonalds,Wendy’s,Taco Bell

    answered 392 days 32 mins ago
    M e g a n @]-'--'-
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    haha i stayed home by myself too and i’m wondering the same thing. i think i’m just gonna drive around for a little while and see what’s open. u should do the same thing and we’ll see what we come up with.

    answered 392 days 31 mins ago
    birdman jr.
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    most every fast food place is open today. they just have different hours. why didn you just go with your family?

    answered 392 days 30 mins ago
    miss emily
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    any Chinese resturants

    they are always open

    answered 392 days 21 mins ago
    mocha swirl
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