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How do you get your laundry to smell really good?

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What kind of detergents, fabric softener and dryer sheets do you use to get your laundry to smell really good? I’ve tried many things but my laundry still has no smell and I would like for it to smell good.

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Answer by nanny
try a scented laundry soap & don’t over load the washer.

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asked 599 days 19 hours 12 mins ago
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    I use Shaklee laundry detergent. You need to find a distributor or order it by mail, but it’s good for the environment and it smells sooooooooo good – like fresh laundry hung out to dry in the sunshine. Most scented laundry detergents are scented with chemials that can really mess with your body and create allergies over time.

    answered 599 days 18 hours 31 mins ago
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    We live out in the country. Nothing makes the sheets smell so good as drying on the line outdoors. We use a clothesline as much as possible. It makes the laundry smell terrific.


    answered 599 days 18 hours 1 min ago
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    I use the ascribed amount of OXI-CLEAN in the washer along with a liquid detergent. Then I use a scented dryer sheet in the dryer.

    Otherwise, if you can, hang some of the clothes out in the sunshine to dry.

    Always leave the washer and dryer doors open between loads to disallow for any mold, which can cause a foul odor in your clothes.

    answered 599 days 17 hours 36 mins ago
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    Gain and any type of dryer sheets!

    answered 599 days 17 hours 24 mins ago
    Sweet Cat
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    for whites, use hot water, Tide detergent and bleach or ammonia. No liquid fabric softener in towels, or whites. It builds up and they get icky. If you use ammonia, don’t use bleach. Wash in hot water and rinse in cold. Use bounce fabric sheets about 3 to a load. I learned the hot and cold water thing from watching Martha Stewart. It really has made a difference in my clothes…

    For your other clothes, use tide, any fabric softener- downy in clean breeze and ammonia. Put a about a third of a bottle of ammonia per load. Put it in with the tide. Let your washer get a good amount of water in it before you start loading it with clothes. Never overload a washer with clothes. Its better to do smaller loads and get them clean than it is to load it up and not get the articles clean.

    I use downy in clean breeze and bounce sheets on all clothes except whites and then I do as stated above. I have very hard water so I use the ammonia to soften the water and freshen the load. It really works.

    answered 599 days 16 hours 36 mins ago
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    Any brand name laundry detergent will have plenty of scents to choose. And then I always add a downy, or snuggle fabric softener whether it needs it or not. And for drying I put in extra sheets of fabric softener whether it needs it or not. and put a sachet of cedar or other natural wood sachet into the closet with the clothes.

    answered 599 days 15 hours 52 mins ago
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    Try Gain Original Scent or Gain Island Fresh. Those are my two favorite detergents and they make your clothes smell great. I use the matching liquid fabric softener and dryer sheets.

    Other good smelling liquid fabric softener is snuggle in the blue bottle and downy w/ febreze in it.

    Try not to overload the washer, and you can always let things air dry.

    When I let my shirts air dry, my friend tells me my shirt always smells really good because she can smell the liquid fabric softener.

    answered 599 days 15 hours 35 mins ago
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    for the best smelling, I like Gain detergent, fabric softener and dryer sheets all Gain (all in the same scent).

    answered 599 days 15 hours 17 mins ago
    Rosanna O
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