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Activities to promote prosocial skills for preschoolers?

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I need to come up with an activity that promotes pro-social skills for preschoolers for my child guidance class. If you have any ideas that would be great and list your source please. Thanks.

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Answer by anand
take her to parks in the evening ,taking to neighbour kids and playing has also positive role.

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    Most acidifies in preschool can promote pro-social skill.

    Cooking activities, children must learn to wait their turn.

    Every activity can promote good social skills, if you are present….
    Water play: you see some splash instead of saying “don’t splash”
    point out how he made his friend or ask, how would you feel if you got splashed? how could we make your friend feel better.” They may be to young to answer in words but they could give their friend a hug.

    Music, they can dance and sing songs about not hitting, or eating their friends only food…..I actually have a song I sang with the kids.. they sang it any time anyone bit, then everyone stopped biting.

    Everything we do can promote positive social skill, even the way we as teachers acted.

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